Hi I’m Mia and I’ll probably only blog every quarter-year or so, but when I do it will be much like how my mother might describe me:  A LOT.

I’m planning on documenting the weird-ass shit I learn when I hyper-focus, so it should be a fun amalgamation. We hope.

I’m an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer in Massachusetts, where everyone is tiny and angry. I work in the community engagement department,  where I plan elaborate educational dinner parties and occasionally get shot at. I’m leaving the U.S in the fall to go the school in Montreal, where I can study Anthropology so that I can be well educated and poor.

My favorite things include;

  • Contorting ridiculously to get THE BEST selfie angle
  • Eating grapes like a roman emperor, or also Dwight Schrute, beet farmer.
  • Telling people that I have increased the font size without actually increasing the font size. >:) yeah i’m a rebel, so what?
  • Finding the best graveyards a city has to offer (I plan on making a list so keep an eye out if you’re interested in this highly specific content!)
  • Bringing recognition to female artists who go unrecognized because their art happens to be a home good. WHats gOOd, fiBer ArTs?!?

I live for attention and validation so please ask me things if you have burning questions!